An Accident Lawyer in Annapolis Negotiates Fair and Just Settlements for Clients

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Lawyers

Hiring an accident lawyer in Annapolis after struggling to negotiate a settlement with an insurance company can finally provide some emotional relief. The person now sleeps better and releases some of the stress that has been prevalent ever since the incident occurred. Recovery is still ongoing and finances are tight, but this individual knows that a skilled legal professional can achieve better results.

Settlement Amount Considerations

Often, people who have been injured have a misconception about the amount their settlement should be. They may have a friend, co-worker or relative who received a settlement, and they base their ideas on that information. However, since each case handled by an accident lawyer in Annapolis has different factors, reasonable compensation varies greatly. This client may deserve a lower amount than another person received, or they may reasonably expect a much higher settlement.

Problems with Individual Negotiations

Insurance adjusters may try to pressure the individual into accepting a low settlement relatively quickly, knowing that claimants dealing with a serious injury typically need the money. They hope to complete the settlement without the claimant hiring or even consulting an attorney, as lawyers generally obtain higher compensation for clients than an individual can successfully negotiate.

When an insurance adjuster offers a relatively small amount of money, the claimant may expect that this payment will be added to the payments for medical expenses and lost wages. Sometimes, however, that is not the case. If the person accepts the offer, even just in a phone conversation, any further possibilities for a better settlement may be lost. That conversation may have been recorded.

A Complicated Process

Personal injury lawyers want to help men and women receive fair and just compensation. When contacting an organization such as Jaklitsch Law Group, the person should not feel intimidated. Negotiating for a reasonable settlement can be a complicated process. Some insurance companies are very cooperative and include all payments the claimant expects, including compensation for property damage, costs for transportation to appointments, medical bills, lost wages, and other relevant expenses. Others try to push through a dollar amount that will not cover more than a small percentage of these costs.

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