What Should Individuals Know About Cash Bail Bonds in Tyler TX?

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Bail Bonds

When an individual is arrested, they can be granted bail by the judge, depending on their crime and its severity. When bail is granted, the individual is required to either pay the entire cash amount or hire a bondsman to sign a bond. It is imperative individuals know what to expect from Cash Bail Bonds in Tyler TX so they will be entirely prepared for the process.

What Are the Benefits of Cash Bonds

When an individual makes the decision to pay a cash bail amount, they will be refunded this money once the case is done. If a person seeks a bondsman, they will be required to pay ten percent of the bail amount that is due. This amount is non-refundable and is considered payment for the services that were rendered to the individual.

The main benefit of putting up a Cash Bail Bonds in Tyler TX is being able to avoid the fees that are associated with hiring a bondsman. Unfortunately, bail amounts can sometimes be high and individuals may not have the cash to pay them. When this happens, the defendant or their family member can hire a bondsman to help them.

What Happens When a Bondsman Is Hired?

If an individual decides to hire a bail bondsman to help them, the signer of the bond will need to be prepared to take responsibility for ensuring the defendant shows up for court. Should the individual not show, a warrant will be issued by the judge and the one who signed will be responsible for paying the entire bail amount that is due.

It is wise for a person to take careful thought and thoroughly read the bond contract before they sign. An ignorance of the terms of the bond contract is no excuse. Failure to carefully read the entire contract could result in problems for the signer.

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