An Effective and Smart Solution for Collecting Child Support in Dayton, OH

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Bankruptcy

Many parents rely on child support in Dayton OH to care for and provide for their children. However, all too often receive late, sometimes inadequate, and perhaps no payments at all from absent parents. It can be incredibly difficult to raise children on one salary when the absent parents contribute very little or nothing at all to the expenses that go into raising their children. It is unfair to parents that must struggle to care for and provide for their children without the financial contributions from the absent parent. They may often have to take on two jobs spending less time with their children to make up for absent parents’ limited or lack of contributions. So, indeed it is not only certainly unfair to the parent raising the children, but it is incredibly unfair to the children that may be deprived of many wants and certainly a few vital needs as a result.

Absent parents are legally required to pay Child Support in Dayton OH. However, many parents that are required to pay child support often find loopholes and ways to hide their income to avoid having to pay. They flee attempts of trying to collect back payments and sadly devote much time and effort in avoiding contributing to their child’s expenses. The reasons that they may not want to pay are irrelevant. It is a legal requirement that all absent parents must financial provide for their dependent children. The first thing that parents facing these types of situations should do is contact a qualified and experienced legal professional to assist them in collecting the child support and unpaid back child support they may be owed. Obtaining legal representation from the right attorney will typically ensure that parents get the financial help they and their children deserve. Why struggle to make up for the absent parent’s lack of financial contribution when qualified legal professionals can help parents collect from absent parents?

On the initial visit with family law attorneys, new clients should be prepared to provide any and all information on the absent parent relevant to their child support case. This may include financial and employment information, addresses of where they may be living, previous paternity test results if applicable, and more. This information is vital to help legal professionals to create an effective plan to help their clients collect the financial contributions they deserve for their children. Please Contact us for more information.

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