Why Work With a Car Accident Attorney in Holland, MI?

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are common in the United States, happening almost every minute of the day. While many are minor fender benders, serious accidents can occur and cause lasting physical harm to victims. Those who have been seriously injured in accidents they did not cause are urged to seek legal help to learn about their options for pursuing compensation. No victim should have to fight the insurance company alone when there is a legal help to be found.

There are many reasons a person might need to hire a Car Accident Attorney in Holland MI to help with their injury claim:

      *      The driver who caused the accident does not have insurance coverage.

      *      The insurance company refuses to cooperate.

      *      The victim feels they are being given the runaround by the insurance company.

      *      The insurance company has offered a meager settlement amount.

      *      The insurance company is making unfair demands.

      *      The victim was already injured when the accident occurred.

If one hires an attorney, the attorney immediately begins researching all of the details of the accident and the victim’s injuries to ensure they fully understand the case and know if it is a viable one. If the attorney agrees to take on the case, they will investigate and gather evidence and work with the insurance company to prompt them to be fair in their settlement offer. When an insurance company knows there is an attorney working on behalf of the claimant, they are more likely to be fair.

In rare cases, the insurance company or the driver refuses to settle outside of court, so a lawsuit must be filed. Even if a lawsuit is filed, this does not mean going to court is the only available venue for settlement. Settlements can occur anytime, but some cases are only settled by a judge and jury. No matter the method of settlement, victims can rest assured their attorney will be working on their side to protect their rights.

Those who have become victims of serious auto accidents need to be aware of the rights they have for pursuing compensation. With the help of a Car Accident Attorney in Holland MI, the process of pursuing an injury claim will be much easier. For help with your injury claim, contact here.

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