Appellate Lawyer: 3 Qualities to Look For

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

What is an appeal lawyer?

An appeal or appellate lawyer handles cases on appeal. An appeal is a request for the higher court to review a lower court’s decision. Appeals are often carried out when a party loses and is unhappy with some if not all of the decision set by the lower court.

Qualities of a good appellate lawyer

  • Basics. An appellate lawyer must have the training and experience to be a good one. Those are the basics and you’ll want to tick this boxes off when you look for legal help. Beyond the basics, though, choosing the right appellate or appeal lawyer requires looking at other essential qualities like the following:
  • Critical reasoning. Keep in mind that an appellate lawyer takes on a case that has already been brought to court. That’s why it’s essential that they don’t just review the details of the case and how it was handled in court to look for possible missteps or mistakes, they must also now add a fresh take on things. This is why critical reasoning is a crucial component, says the American Bar. They need to be able to put things together. If you find yourself in need of legal help because you want to file an appeal, then this is one quality that you’ll want your attorney to have in spades.
  • Detached assessment. The capacity to objectively review the case is also an important quality in an appeal lawyer. A lawyer must have the ability to go over the details of the case with an impartial eye, from witness accounts and court records to the appeals previously presented in court. This can unearth more clues or information that could help lead to a break in the case.

How to hire one?

Get referrals. Do your research and check out lawyers in your area. That should help you get started.

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