What You Should Know About Bonds And The Terms Of The Release

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Lawyers

In Georgia, common terms of a defendant’s release include prohibition of drinking, the use of controlled substances, and travels outside of the state. Criminal defendants are required to follow the terms or face an immediate arrest. A Bail Bondsman in Atlanta helps criminal defendants cover the cost of their bail and get released from jail.

Why Do You Need a Bond?

Criminal defendants that don’t have the financial resources to pay their full bail balance need a bond. The option just requires a percentage of the value instead of the full bail price. The defendant uses collateral to back their bail bond. The bondsman performs all the legwork for the defendant while he or she awaits their release.

Are Defendants Released to Bondsmen?

It is possible for criminal defendants that are considered a flight risk to be released in the bondsman’s custody. The assignment indicates that the bondsman is responsible for getting the defendant to their scheduled court appearances. It doesn’t mean that the defendant has to stay in the home of the bondsman, but it is necessary to keep the bondsman abreast of the defendant’s location. The bondsman is also responsible for keeping the defendant inside the state of Georgia.

What Reasons Lead to a Revocation of the Bond?

Any travels outside the state or country are common reasons for revocation. The terms of the defendant’s release are specific, and the defendant must abide by the rules. For example, defendants arrested for domestic violence cannot contact or visit the victim. A violation of the orders leads to revocation of the bond and a new criminal charge.

How are Bounty Hunters Involved?

Bounty hunters are hired to return the criminal defendant to Georgia and ensure that the defendant is brought to justice. The defendant is returned to the county jail by the bounty hunter.

In Georgia, criminal defendants are released from jail after they post bail or bond. The judge determines if the defendant is trustworthy enough for bail. A bail bondsman provides a bond after a percentage is paid. Criminal defendants who need a Bail Bondsman in Atlanta visit the website right now.

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