Applying For Benefits at The Social Security Disability Office in New Bedford, MA

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Life can be a challenge for most people, especially those with a disability. Facing everyday life without the right equipment and help makes things even worse. Not everyone needs special assistance or medical care but, when it is needed, the right assistance can make a big difference. Not everyone can afford the care and equipment they need, but there are ways to get help when it comes to necessary care and tools. Those who face life with a disability shouldn’t have to go without the basics just because they live on a budget. This is why social security and disability benefits are so important to those in need. Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for these benefits, and even those who do qualify don’t always get the help they need.

There are quite a few reasons to visit the social security disability office in New Bedford, MA. An individual who is hard of hearing but can’t afford hearing aids might need assistance paying for them. Someone who is blind may need assistance getting a seeing-eye dog. A person with a mental disability might need assistance dealing with day-to-day issues. These are legitimate reasons to apply for benefits but, without the right help, their claims might be denied. When it comes time to apply for these benefits, the first call shouldn’t be to the social security disability office in New Bedford, MA; it should be to a social security lawyer. With the help of an experienced service provider, most applicants have a much better chance of qualifying for benefits and successfully having their case approved.

Service providers such as Sara J. Frankel can help applicants get all the information they need to get the application process started. Documentation of the disability or need for benefits is very important. Anything relevant to the disability or medical issue should be provided. Medical history, diagnosis, and statements from medical care providers are a good start. Other documentation may be needed, but those details can be provided during a consultation with the lawyer. By working with a social security lawyer, most applicants experience a much more manageable application process and can even get more benefits than they realized they qualified for.

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