How to Get Out of Jail After an Arrest

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Legal Services

Individuals who have been arrested do not have to spend extensive time in jail while waiting for their cases to be heard in court. A bail bond amount is set at the time of initial arraignment, which typically happens within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the arrest. That bond is designed to ensure the defendant will appear in court at the appointed time. The majority of defendants cannot guarantee the full amount of the bond, so they require the service of one of many Bail Bond Companies in Atlanta.

The individual, or a family member, can contact a bail bondsman for help. The company collects ten percent of the total bond from the accused, and agrees to pay the court the total sum of the bond, should the defendant fail to appear in court. Most Bail Bonding Companies in Atlanta utilize strictly enforced guidelines to determine if services will be extended to those arrested. Full payment, for example, may be required to obtain services, rather than agreeing upon a payment plans under certain circumstances. Items acceptable for collateral may also be severely restricted. That results in some individuals remaining behind bars, and separated from their families for long periods of time. It also means they cannot continue to work, and may lose their current positions.

There are a few nationwide companies, such as Free At Last Bail Bonds, for example, that access cases on an individual basis. Regarding collateral, for instance, cash or property is the most common form, but jewelry, cars, or boats can be accepted if the value is high enough to cover the bail amount. Every bail bond company insists on a co-signer for the bond. That person will be responsible to pay the full amount of the bond to the company in the event the company has to pay the court. It provides another layer of assurance that the accused with appearing in court as promised. The co-signer can be a friend or relative. In addition to posting the bond, companies provide support, answer any questions, let those arrested know what is expected and address concerns before, and after the person is released. Finding yourself under arrest is stressful and scary. That is why a vast majority of bail bond companies are available twenty-fours a day to provide services.

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