Tips to Avoid Mistakes After Car Accidents in Towson, MD

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Legal Services

A successful auto accident lawsuit requires a significant amount of organization and documentation. Clients must face insurers, defense attorneys, police, and physicians. With everything that’s going on, there are many chances for error, and everything can have negative effects on a case. However, maintaining communication with an attorney can help clients avoid these mistakes.

Be Honest

The consequences of this error can be devastating. If a person lies about the case’s details, such as the accident’s circumstances or the severity of their injuries, their credibility will diminish and the suit will most probably fail. An attorney can help a client revisit the details of car accidents in Towson, MD so they’re fresh in the mind when providing testimony.

Be Selective About Social Media

During an auto accident investigation, an insurance adjuster or defense attorney will look closely at a victim’s social media pages to find ways to mitigate their client’s responsibility. Be very careful about posting updates or pictures showing activities that shouldn’t be done after an injury, and do not post anything that could be construed as a threat or a disclosure of confidential details.

Go to All Medical Appointments

As discussed previously, insurance adjusters will look for ways to damage a victim’s case. The less harm a person suffers, the less the insurer will have to pay. If the insurer or defense lawyer learns that a victim is missing or rescheduling appointments, they will try to prove that the person is not as injured as they claim to be. Those struggling with attendance should ask an attorney for help.

Take Photos

Anytime a person has a visible injury because of car accidents in Towson, MD, they should take as many photos as possible. If possible, the victim should record video of any difficulties they encounter because of the event. Take pictures of the damaged vehicle too, as repair estimates are often inaccurate.

Insurance company adjusters have one responsibility: to find and exploit weaknesses in a victim’s case. They rely on these errors to maximize their outcomes, but clients shouldn’t be fooled. The biggest mistake a person can make is to not call a personal injury attorney with right after an auto accident.

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