An Automobile Accident Lawyer in Hollywood FL Utilizes the X-Ray and the Medical Report to Add Another Layer to the Valuation

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Lawyers

Any personal injury case is valued and authenticated by the evidence. When injuries happen and long-term damage is possible, the stakes are high. An automobile accident lawyer in Hollywood FL builds a medical report on two key pieces of data. These are the x-ray data and the follow-up medical report.

The Value of Medical Evidence

Medical evidence will be the defining piece of evidence for this particular type of case. The X-rays will confirm the validity of the injury, the extent of the damage, and possible long-term repercussions. This is often followed by a formal report which reviews the entirety of the situation by confirming what is visible in the x-ray. The report will also analyze potential long-term sustained injuries.

These tools will be paramount in a personal injury case. While the X-ray will speak to the damage. The report will speak to any future issues that can stem from the injury. This helps build a case towards long-term unemployment, payment for missed work, and emotional damages. This is a lynchpin piece of support provided by the automobile accident lawyer in Hollywood FL.

Valuing a Case

Valuing a case means the determination of a financial cost caused by the accident. What amount could possibly equate to the damages incurred, both from direct medical reports and from more speculative or predicted sources in follow-up medical reports?

The use of the follow-up report is a major piece to the puzzle. In developing any personal injury case, it can authenticate the x-ray and add another essential layer for a high case valuation.

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