A Construction Litigation Attorney in Baton Rouge, LA Offers the Legal Help You Need

by | Jan 18, 2017 | legalgalore

A construction litigation attorney in Baton Rouge, LA handles cases involving construction contract disputes, injuries to workers and wrongful death claims related to construction accidents. Although working environments have become safer over the years, there are still many situations that can result in a serious injury or the death of a worker. In these types of cases, a workers’ compensation claim and a civil lawsuit could be filed. A litigation attorney is responsible for representing the client and filing any pleadings with the court and answering questions to the opposing side. The attorney will also perform interrogatories and request the production of documents.

An insurance company may request the services of a construction litigation attorney in Baton Rouge, LA when a worker’s been injured. The attorney may be asked to evaluate the liability and damages the insurance company may be responsible for. The attorney may also attempt to mediate a claim by an employee. If the case doesn’t settle through mediation, they will have to prepare their defense for a trial. Another thing the attorney may do is negotiate a case between a contractor and a subcontractor when a project’s gone beyond its contractual deadlines.

Construction workers face a lot of variables that can affect their job on a day-to-day basis. A worker that has all of their required safety gear on could be injured when a faulty piece of equipment breaks and drops a load of building products on top of them. Scaffolding on a building could be defective or put together improperly causing them to fall and end up severely injured or even killed. An attorney will represent the construction very similar to a personal injury claim. They will examine every aspect of the situation including who was responsible for anything that had to do with the accident. They understand the pain and agony this type of accident can cause both physically and financially on a construction worker and their family.

If you work in the construction field and have had problems with the job site or have been injured on the job, visit The Litigation Firm for more information about how they can help you.

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