Details Managed by a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Centralia, WA

by | May 22, 2018 | Lawyers

In Washington, workers’ compensation insurance assists workers after a work-related injury. The coverage starts when the worker goes to the doctor. The initial expenses are covered by the insurance. However, unless the worker is approved for further coverage, they won’t receive any payments for their expenses. A workers’ compensation attorney in Centralia, WA assist workers who were denied coverage.

Retracing Issues with the Claim

The steps of the claim are retraced by the attorney. If any deadlines weren’t met, the claim could be denied. When retracing the claim, the attorney if it was processed correctly. The law requires the employer to file a claim after sending the worker for medical treatment. Any deviation from proper protocol could overturn the denial.

Why Was the Claim Denied?

The attorney reviews the claim completely and determines why the claim was denied. The insurer must present an exact reason for why the worker was denied. The reason must be legal and meet the guidelines defined in workers’ compensation laws. If it is based on a commonly used loophole, the court will overturn the insurer’s decision.

How Much Has the Worker Lost?

When starting a lawsuit, it is necessary to calculate all losses incurred by the worker. The most common losses are extensive medical expenses and lost wages. All invoices are calculated and added to the total value of lost wages. If any additional losses were incurred, they are added too.

When to Go to Trial and When to Settle

The attorney reviews all options presented to the worker. Employers and/or insurers offer a settlement to avoid a trial. If the settlement reflects all values required by the worker, it could present the most suitable option. However, if it doesn’t, the worker should go to trial.

In Washington, workers’ compensation insurance is available to workers who sustain injuries on the job. The accident that caused their injuries is evaluated, and the findings must indicate that the worker played no role in causing their injuries. If the worker shares any of the blame, the claim is denied. Workers who need help can contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Centralia, WA or get more information today.

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