Managing A Product Liability With A Personal Injury Attorney In Vernon, CT

by | May 11, 2018 | Lawyers

In Connecticut, a product liability occurs when a manufacturer fails to correct flaws and hazards before releasing a product. Any product design that has a flaw could lead to product liability for the manufacturer if a consumer is injured. A Personal Injury Attorney in Vernon CT prepares a legal claim for all injured consumers.

Assistance from Consumer Rights Protection Agency

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency offers assistance after a dangerous product is reported. The agency assesses the product and conducts forensic testing based on the details of the report. If the agency determines that the product is a serious risk, a product recall is issued.

The Victim’s Injuries

The victim’s injuries are substantiated through testing that determines the possibility of the injuries when using the product. The claimant must provide the exact product they used when the injuries occur. All tests are documented and used to support the victim’s claim against the manufacturer. All medical records for the victim’s injuries are included in the product liability claim.

Seeking Additional Claimants

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency and the attorneys seek out all consumers who were injured. The recall identifies what to do if a consumer was injured while using the product. When multiple claimants are discovered, the claim becomes more substantial. The circumstances could lead to a serious financial loss for the manufacturer when they are found liable.

What Type of Claim is Filed?

If only one victim is found, the attorneys file one lawsuit to help the claimant collect compensation. However, when multiple claimants are found, a class-action lawsuit is filed according to the total number of victims. Typically, the victims who sustain the worst injuries go to court first. The claimants go to court in groups, and the settlement is divided.

In Connecticut, a product liability leads to consumer-related injuries. The liability involves a flaw or error that wasn’t mitigated before the product was released. The Consumer Rights Protection Agency conducts assessments and issues a product recall when necessary. An attorney helps claimants file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Consumers who need legal assistance contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Vernon CT at Kahan, Kerensky and Capossela LLP right now.

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