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Details to Discuss with a Divorce Law Firm in Lee’s Summit, MO

In Missouri, divorce cases require the couple to try to reach an agreement. In the agreement, the couple makes decisions about their marital property and child custody. Both parties must follow the laws and meet any prerequisites as directed. A divorce law firm in Lee’s Summit, MO provides assistance for couples who are ready to end their marriage.

No-Fault Divorce Grounds

The state restricts divorces to no-fault grounds only. Currently, couples use irreconcilable differences only. The no-fault grounds prevent either party from using allegations to obtain a larger portion of the marital estate.

Dividing Marital Property

The state of Missouri provides protection for any assets that are in one party’s name. The only assets divided in the divorce are those which both parties acquired. Any assets that were inherited by one party only remain with the owner and aren’t divided. The laws prevent spouses from taking any assets for which they don’t have a legal claim.

Child Custody Assignments

Either party has the same legal right to seek child custody. The standard assignments are either joint or sole custody. Sole custody is awarded when either party presents a risk to the child. In most cases, the parents receive joint custody and have equal time with the child. The custody arrangements include a parenting plan that defines when each parent spends time with their child. The arrangements also outline how much child support is provided to the custodial parent.

Spousal Support and the Lifestyle Achieved During the Marriage

Spousal support is granted when the spouses don’t have the same earning capacity. Temporary support is provided until the spouse increases their earning capacity. Some couples agree on payment for an educational program to increase their earning capacity.

In Missouri, divorce cases start with residency requirements. All petitioners must live in the state for at least 60 days. Couples who reach an agreement won’t have to wait an extended period of time to finalize the divorce. If the couple cannot agree, then they might have to attend a divorce trial. Petitioners who need to consult with a divorce law firm in Lee’s Summit, MO contact Dana Outlaw Law Office right now. You can also visit them on Facebook.