A Personal Injury Lawyer in Storrs, CT Helps Clients Avoid Low Settlements

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Lawyers

Anyone who is injured has to realize that a personal injury lawyer in Storrs, CT can help them have a much better chance of a fair settlement. Even if there isn’t any doubt as to who was at fault, the injured party can still find it hard to obtain a just settlement on their own. There are a few reasons why it is harder for an injured person to get a fair deal on their own.

Insurance Professionals

When an injured person is trying to settle a claim without legal help, they have to realize the professionals on the other side are going to be tough. Even if the person is skilled and knowledgeable, they might not get the respect they deserve. An injured party that hires a lawyer like Kahan Kerensky and Capossela, LLP. will be taken much more seriously than someone who is going at it alone.

The Offer Might Look Good

A personal injury lawyer in Storrs, CT will know the difference between a bad offer, a decent one, and a great one. The lawyer will take several factors into consideration. Will there be a need for future medical treatment? How much money was lost because of time off work? What about pain and suffering? Those are just some of the considerations that affect a settlement. An injured person might not think about all the factors involved in their case. That can lead to them taking a much smaller offer than they should.

Letting a Lawyer Do the Talking

A big mistake that some injured people make is talking to insurers rather than having an attorney handle the approach. As soon as money is involved, a lawyer should be brought to the table to handle talks. Once an insurer knows a lawyer is involved, they won’t contact the injured party directly. That can help prevent the injured person from making any mistakes that might harm their case.

A lawyer needs to be contacted as soon as possible after a personal injury. Even if a person doesn’t think they have a case, a lawyer should still be called. Lawyers can help more than most people realize.

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