After Suffering a Serious Injury, Call an Auto Accident Attorney in Nassau County, NY

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Lawyers

New York is a no-fault state regarding the laws governing auto accident insurance and liability. Most minor accidents see the involved parties relying on their coverage for compensation to cover property damage and personal injuries. As such, many cases end up being settled in a fairly straightforward fashion by drivers who negotiate with their insurers.

When the severity of injuries sustained in an accident exceeds a certain threshold, though, the law provides for assigning responsibility to a particular driver. When that limit has been reached, it is almost always advisable to get in touch with an auto accident attorney in Nassau County, NY.

A Well-Defined Legal Threshold at Which the “No Fault” Standard No Longer Applies

The no-fault approach to automobile insurance and liability is meant to cut costs by making it easier to resolve the most common kinds of problems. Relatively minor accidents that do not result in large amounts of damage to vehicles or harm to human beings can often be dealt with fairly quickly under this system.

Once what the law regards as a “serious injury” has been sustained in a car accident, though, that no-fault standard will no longer be applicable. Some of the kinds of injuries that cause this condition to be triggered are:

  • Fractures

Anytime a bone has been broken because of an auto accident the law assigns fault to at least one of the involved drivers. Because any type of fracture will require significant amounts of medical treatment and may lead to lost wages, all such injuries are regarded as serious.

  • Permanent scarring

Even a fairly superficial cut can leave behind a scar, and the laws of New York regard all such injuries as serious. As such, any injurious accident that leaves at least one involved person scarred will make the no-fault standard no longer relevant.

Any Serious Injury Will Merit a Call to an Attorney

Should a collision result in an injury deemed “serious” under the law, contacting an auto accident attorney in Nassau County, NY is typically prudent. As those who click here will see, lawyers like those at Business Name are well positioned to help in all such situations.

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