What To Expect From A Tarrant County Bondsman

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Bail Bonds

In Texas, criminal defendants are arrested after probable cause has been established. The type of crime for which they are accused defines if the defendant has the option to post bail. A local Tarrant County Bondsman provide details about getting a bond and presents criminal defendants with several option.

Standard and Federal Bail Bonds

The bail bondsman provides standard and federal bail bonds for criminal defendants. The type of bond they need depends on the classification of the crime for which they are accused. Different stipulations apply to each bond, and the bail bondsman explains the stipulations when issuing the bond.

Assistance for Immigrations Accused of a Crime

Immigrants who are accused of a crime in the US need an immigration bail bond. Bonding agents are reluctant to issue the bonds due to a higher frequency of flight risks. The defendant might have to meet specific criteria for the bonding agent to agree to provide the bond for these reasons.

Arrangements for Getting to Court

Some bonding agents help criminal defendants get to their court appearance on time and avoid a failure to appear. The defendant faces a new warrant and arrest if they don’t appear in court as directed. Bonding agents stand to lose their investment if the defendant doesn’t appear, too. If the defendant doesn’t appear, then the bonding agent is responsible for the remaining balance of the bail.

Flexible Opportunities for Paying for a Bond

Bondsmen provide flexible opportunities for paying for a bond. Typically, the bonding agent provides either a cash, credit card, or check payment for the bond. Any defendants that don’t have the money to pay can use collateral. The bonding agents identify all collateral used for bail bonds.

In Texas, criminal defendants purchase either standard or federal bail bonds after they are arrested. The type of bond they choose depends on if they are accused of a standard or federal crime. Bonding agents help them purchase a bond via cash or through collateral. Some agents help the defendant get to court, too. Criminal defendants who want to learn more about the process contact Tarrant County Bondsman, Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds right now.

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