Situations in Which Beaver Dam Drunk Driving Lawyers Are Particularly Important

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Lawyers

Even a first-time conviction of driving under the influence can have harsh penalties, but most men and women receive minimum sentences. They must pay a hefty fine, deal with driver’s license suspension for several months and attend alcohol education classes. Beaver Dam Drunk Driving Lawyers usually represent clients who are facing more serious consequences.

Previous Convictions

One or more previous convictions of DUI within a certain time frame places the defendant at risk of harsher penalties. The person may be subject to a mandatory minimum period of incarceration in the county jail, which this individual may be desperate to avoid. Beaver Dam Drunk Driving Lawyers use various strategies to convince the prosecution to drop the charges or a judge to dismiss the case. If this is impossible because the evidence is too solid, the attorney can help the client apply for work release so he or she will not lose a job.

Causing Property Damage or Injury

The situation is even worse when a man or woman has caused an accident because of driving while intoxicated. Causing property damage or injury increases the severity of the criminal charges. If conviction is virtually inevitable, an attorney with an organization like QBS Law must convince the prosecuting attorney to negotiate a plea bargain or a judge to issue a lenient sentence.

Defendants in these circumstances need effective legal representation because courts take the issue of DUI so seriously. Each year, about 300,000 people in the United States are injured by drunk drivers and another 10,000 are killed. Driving with blood alcohol content above the legal limit is a very dangerous activity. It impairs the driver’s reaction time and judgment, and can lead to erratic behavior behind the wheel.

When the Defendant May Be Innocent

An entirely different scenario also requires legal representation. This is when a person truly believes he or she is innocent of the charges and wants to fight the case in court. A lawyer’s investigation can find errors with a field sobriety test or breath test equipment, or pertinent questions about the blood test. Information on one particular legal organization can be viewed at Visit the website You can also visit them on Facebook.

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