DUI Attorneys in Fort Wayne, IN Advise on Beating DUI Cases

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Lawyer

Whenever and wherever a person gets arrested for a DUI, he or she immediately becomes panicked once sobering up. Depending upon the state in which he or she resides, a lot of legal issues come into view. Rather than panicking, however, the person should think about contacting a lawyer who is experienced with DUI cases. There are DUI attorneys in Fort Wayne IN who have been helping clients fight DUI cases for over 35 years. There are things potential clients should know about how to beat DUI cases in Indiana.

In 2016, an updated version of the Indiana law surrounding DUI’s, makes the process very costly for the defendant, and the penalties are still severe. The laws already had the defendant facing, even for the first offense, one year or more suspension on the driver’s license, ignition interlock, DUI classes, court fines, and even jail time. The defendant’s job could be affected. Even the defendant’s ability to travel outside the country could be hindered. This shows the degree of seriousness which defendants must understand their position in being arrested for DUI in Indiana.

Many arresting officers make critical mistakes or overlook things when charging people with DUI crimes. The blood or urine test done to test for DUI might not have been done properly or according to the guidelines for conducting such. Signs that the arresting officer may have used to determine alcohol impairment may not be consistent with what is actually going on with the individual. By getting with a DUI attorney rather quickly after the arrest, it may be possible for the defendant to build a strong case against the DUI charge.

A Arrested Hotline has been providing legal services for clients in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area for over 42 years. The law firm offers services after hours and weekends for sex crimes, traffic violations, crimes of violence, theft, and of course, DUI cases. The faster the defendant can get the experienced lawyer on his or her case, the better his or her options will be for a favorable outcome. If arrested for a DUI in Indiana, there are DUI attorneys in Fort Wayne IN who can advise clients. Visit them at http://thonertlaw.net/.

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