How to Find the Best Scaffold Accident Attorney in Norwich, CT

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Lawyers

Each year, over a million construction workers use scaffolding on a daily basis. This can sometimes be dangerous work, especially if there is a safety oversight. When someone is seriously injured while using scaffolding, they need to hire a scaffold accident attorney in Norwich, CT to help them. This short guide will assist individuals to better understand what they can expect when working with such an attorney.

Set Up a Meeting Right Away

After someone has been injured in an accident involving scaffolding, they need to consult with a scaffold accident attorney in Norwich, CT. At this first meeting, the injured party will need to be prepared to share comprehensive information on how their injury transpired and also have detailed records of any medical treatments they may have received. The more information the victim can come armed with, the better equipped their attorney will be to represent them. During this meeting, the injured party will learn if their case is viable and how the attorney will be able to help them. If the victim opts to hire the attorney, the firm will then begin investigating the claim and strive towards gathering evidence and mounting a case for their client.

How Can an Attorney Help?

By hiring an attorney, the injured party should expect them to begin working on a successful resolution to their case right away. This will include pursuing the insurance company and dealing with the victim’s employer. The firm will also be working with accident reconstruction experts, medical providers, and other involved parties. If the insurance company or employer refuses to be fair, the victim needs an attorney who will quickly start the process of pursuing a lawsuit.

Retain a Local and Experienced Attorney

When faced with the aftermath of a workplace accident, injured parties should hire someone with well over ten years of experience. Attorney Stephen M. Reck has worked with medical experts, liability experts and even economists, all of whom he can call upon during trials to help strengthen his clients’ cases. Visit the website now to learn more about other areas of practice, and even see a list of case results.

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