Starting a Medical Malpractice Case with an Accident Attorney in Norfolk, VA

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Lawyers

In Virginia, medical malpractices exist when a doctor fails to provide proper healthcare to their patients. When a patient sustains an unnecessary injury, the doctor is liable for medical malpractice. An accident attorney in Norfolk, VA helps patients who were injured by their doctors.

Evaluating All Medical Records

When starting a medical malpractice claim, the attorney evaluates all medical records for the patient. The records must show a series of events that led up to the patient’s injuries. The medical error must have occurred due to a failure on the doctor’s part to provide adequate healthcare.

Were There Risks Involved in the Procedure?

When patients undergo any procedures, the doctor must disclose all risks to the patient before acquiring consent. It is a direct violation of the law for a doctor to omit any risks associated with the surgery or procedure. If the injuries were not identified as a risk prior to the procedure, the doctor is liable due to a failure to provide full disclosure to their patient.

Was the Patient Aware of Their Rights?

The doctor must explain the patient’s rights at any time that any treatment is offered. The patients have rights when they are admitted to the hospital as well. According to the patient’s rights, they have the legal right to refuse any treatment ordered by their doctor. It is against the law for doctors to force any treatment on a patient unless life-threatening circumstances are present or the patient is mentally incompetent to make the decision.

What Is an Act of Malice?

An act of malice is an intentional injury caused by a doctor due to a personal belief or prejudice. The act is a criminal offense, and the doctor can be charged for the offense. If the patient was a former romantic partner, additional criminal charges could be added.

In Virginia, medical malpractices occur when doctors fail their patients. The laws require the doctor to provide thorough information about any risks related to a surgery or treatment options. The doctors must also comply with medical standards and protocol. Victims who want to hire an accident attorney in Norfolk, VA can visit website.

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