Why It’s Important to Hire an Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Lawyers

In the event of a simple, clear-cut car accident, the parties involved can usually count on their insurance companies to come to a fair and just resolution. However, if an injury is sustained, the case is no longer easy to resolve. It’s always wise to hire an Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL after an injury accident.

Determine Fault

It’s the job of an attorney to prove who is at fault after an injury accident. This is important because insurance companies want to save money and won’t cover an injury unless they must. An Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL knows how to gather the facts to find out who is guilty.

Some cases are resolved in mediation, while others go to court. No matter the case, it’s the job of the attorney to bring all of the facts to the table. They will gather statements from witnesses and look for other pieces of evidence. With more facts, it’s easier to prove fault in an automobile accident.

Better Compensation

An attorney wants their client to get every dollar they deserve following an accident. While some people choose to represent themselves, they are often not awarded as much money as those who have legal representation. By hiring an attorney, the client will know they will be fairly compensated.

After an injury accident, the victim should be compensated for all medical bills. This includes any bills that have already been paid and those that are expected in the future. Visits to the doctor, physical therapy, and even medications should be paid for by the driver who is at fault.

The attorney won’t stop at medical bills, however. If their client missed work or needed car repairs, they should be compensated. In some instances, it’s even possible to get a monetary settlement for pain and suffering, including emotional distress or long-term pain.

Anyone who has been injured in a car accident should seek the services of a lawyer who understands their case. The Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff, P.A. handle a variety of personal injury claims. Having an attorney makes it easier to reach a fair settlement and get the payout you deserve after an injury accident.

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