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by | Jul 20, 2021 | legalgalore

If you have come to the U.S. to work because of a work assignment, you may either need temporary or permanent visa clearance. If you wish to work temporarily, then you can have your employer help you with the matter. You will be assigned to the work for a specific length of time.

Learn What You Need to Do Today

To obtain more information about permanent immigration, you need to contact an immigration law firm in Boca Raton FL. Doing so will greatly help you find out what you need to do to proceed with the process. You really cannot immigrate to the U.S. without this type of legal help. By taking this initiative, you can proceed in your job with more confidence.

Visa Limits Are Set for Employment-Based Immigrants

According to the American Immigration Council, the numerical limit for immigrants who wish to work permanently in the U.S. is 140,000 annually. This specific number not only includes the immigrant worker but his or her spouse and minor and unmarried children. Therefore, the number of employees who immigrate for work reasons is fewer than 140,000. When you speak to an attorney with an immigration law firm, he or she can go over the visa categories in this respect.

For example, the classifications for visas cover workers in one of five categories. Visas in one category are given to people with excellent abilities in the arts, business, education, science, or athletics. Another category covers people who hold advanced degrees in business, science, or the arts. Visas are issued in yet another category for skilled workers with at least two years of experience or training or for unskilled laborers who work in permanent jobs. From these listings alone, you can see the advisability of contacting an immigration law firm.

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If you would like to receive further details along these lines, contact a VOLOSHEN LAW FIRM P.C, today that can help you sort out your priorities. You can do this when you visit. Take a moment to review the website before you call an attorney. Write down any questions and schedule an appointment today.

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