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Get Professional Help with a Car Accident Attorney in Jacksonville IL

A car accident can be a devastating and traumatic experience for anyone. These accidents can cause hundreds to thousands of dollars in property damage. If there are injuries, these costs could be financially ruinous for the injured party. Not only do they have to pay for all the initial medical bills and treatments, but if the injury was severe, they may have to pay for ongoing treatment and care. These issues can be compounded if the injured person cannot return to work. A Car Accident Attorney in Jacksonville IL can provide assistance in these situations.

Initial Consultation

Anyone injured in an automobile accident, especially if it was not their fault, should speak with a Car Accident Attorney in Jacksonville IL. The first consultation is free so there is no risk to this process. This visit can provide the injured party with valuable information about their case. The attorney can often let the injured person know how solid their case is and often an approximate value of a potential claim. Whether the injured party decides to pursue the claim or not can be easily decided with this information.

Investigating the Accident

If the injured party chooses to hire an attorney, they will be provided with a thorough investigation of their accident. The attorney will review all of the injured party’s information from the accident and then will look deeper into the situation. They can interview witnesses and consult with experts about the cause of the accident. An attorney can also assist in helping the client get the medical documentation and care costs together to help with the case.

Dealing with Insurance

One of the most frustrating parts a person can face after an accident is dealing with the insurance company. The insurance company is not there to protect anyone but their own interests. It can be difficult getting the insurance company to pay out the claim that is owed. An attorney will handle all interactions with the insurance company to minimize the stress on the injured party and to ensure their rights are protected.

If needed, the attorney will even take the case to court to ensure the client gets the fair compensation they deserve to cover all of their costs and losses. The attorneys at Becker Schroader & Chapman PC offer services to help those injured in an accident. For more information about these and other services, visit the website.