Reviewing Defenses With A Traffic Lawyer In Hillsboro, MO

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Lawyers

In Missouri, moving violations lead to hefty fines and penalties. Drivers with several violations on their records are at risk of losing their driving privileges. Several defenses might apply according to the circumstances of the violation. A Traffic Lawyer in Hillsboro MO helps drivers fight citations in court.

Blocked Speed Limit Signs

City officials are required to ensure that all speed limit signs are clearly visible at all times. Any obstruction that blocks the sign presents reasonable doubt that the driver knew they were committing a moving violation. Images of the obstructed sign offer substantial evidence of the conditions.

Moving Violations that Prevent an Accident

Sudden lane changes are often necessary to avoid a collision. Officers issue citations when drivers don’t use their turn signal when completing the lane changes. However, if the driver can prove that they committed the moving violation to avoid an accident, the ticket is dismissed, and the driver isn’t required to pay the fines.

Faded Markers and Lines on Roadways

A mistake of fact defense comes into play when road conditions are the cause for a moving violation. For example, if pedestrian crossings or other road markings have faded, the driver isn’t responsible for the moving violation. City officials must manage the road markings and ensure they are clearly visible. Any evidence that shows the faded lines or markings helps the driver avoid the penalties of the citation.

Sudden Health-Related Emergencies

Sudden health-related emergencies are another reason for unexpected moving violations. Drivers who have severe bee allergies must stop the vehicle if a bee flies into their vehicle as their health is at risk. In most cases, the driver speeds up to get to a safe place to stop. If they can prove that their health was at risk, the citation is dismissed.

In Missouri, moving violations are common and costly for drivers. However, in some cases, the driver committed the violation for a just cause. When reviewing the circumstances of the citation, an attorney determines what defense applies. Drivers who need assistance in fighting a traffic ticket are encouraged contact a Traffic Lawyer in Hillsboro MO at Wegmann Law Firm right now.

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