Getting Help with Workers Compensation in Vermont

by | May 2, 2018 | Lawyers

When employees are injured at work, the employer is supposed to have a type of insurance that kicks in called “workers’ compensation. If it does as it is designed to do, the employee will still get a check while out of work, the medical bills will be paid, and any physical or mental therapy that the employee may have to go through. An attorney who helps injured employees with any issues they have with Workers Compensation in Vermont will help them fight to ensure they get what they deserve. Here are some things the injured employees may want to know about workers’ compensation.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

The first thing an injured employee should be aware of is to notify the employer as soon as the injury occurs, if able to to do so. Failure to do this could result in the compensation being delayed, or even denied. It becomes the employer’s responsibility to file the claim with the insurance company. If the employer does not file the claim, the injured employee will need to send in what is called a Form 5, which must be accompanied by medical records and any witnesses to the injury.

More on Workers’ Compensation

It might be that the employer may try to deny that the injured employee works for the company, such as if the employee is an independent contractor. In that case, it would have to be proven that the independent contractor is doing work the employer would not normally do and that the employer in no way has control over the employee’s work. However, most of the time the independent contractor turns out to be the responsibility of the employer, so if there is an issue with getting compensation from workers’ compensation, an attorney may be needed.

An Attorney Who Can Help in Vermont

The injured party can look on the internet to find a qualified attorney who takes cases involving workers’ compensation issues. McVeigh Skiff LLP is an example of a law firm that represents clients with workers’ compensation issues. If a person feels the need for an attorney to help with Workers Compensation in Vermont, the law firm is available and can be reached at the website, Website URL.

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