Reviewing Laws with a Child Custody Attorney in Springboro, OH

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In Ohio, child custody is established through a divorce agreement or during a custody hearing. The assignments define which parent has physical custody of the child and who makes decisions for the them. A child custody attorney in Springboro, OH helps parents who are facing a hearing or cannot settle their differences about child custody.

Types of Child Custody

There are two primary types of child custody. Sole custody indicates that one parent has all decision-making power and full control over the child. The assignment is granted when the other parent is a risk to the child. The arrangement often comes with a supervised visitation of the child.

Joint custody provides each parent with the option to make decisions about the child. Each parent has equal time with the child in most cases. The parents split holidays, birthdays, and summer vacation with the child.

Parenting Time Requirements

The child custody arrangement defines the parenting time for the child. A standard arrangement places the child in the custodial parent’s care during the week. The noncustodial parent visits with the child every other weekend. The assignments require each parent to notify the other if parenting time changes are needed.

Addressing Child Support Payments

Child support payments are determined at the same time that custody is established. The standard rate is ten percent for the first child and an additional five percent for any additional children produced during the marriage. The payments are provided on the first of every month. Any failure to pay the support payments leads to criminal penalties.

Fulfilling All Responsibilities to the Child

Each parent is required to fulfill their responsibilities to the child. Each parent must ensure that all basic requirements for the child are fulfilled. All medical expenses are covered by both parents.

In Ohio, child custody arrangements define which parent has the most control over the child. Joint custody gives each parent the right to make decisions about the child. Sole custody is provided when a parent is a risk to the child. Child support payments are established in the agreements as well. Parents who need help should contact a child custody attorney in Springboro, OH at Business Name now.

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