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Guide to Hiring Bail Bonds Agents in Burleson, Texas

When a loved one is in jail, families want nothing more than to have them back at home. That’s where bail bonds agents in Burleson, Texas come into play, as they will help get defendants get back home to their loved ones. Keep reading to learn more about the bail process and how it can help families.

What Is Bail?

After an arrest, defendant would stay in jail until their court dates. However, the court recognizes that keeping people locked up for months at a time before a trial is not helpful in most situations. To help, they will set a bail amount. Bail is essentially a promise to return to court. A judge sets a bail amount and the family deposits that amount with the court. Once the court obligations are met, the bail amount is returned to the family.

Why Use a Bail Bond?

The problem for most people is that they do not have significant amounts of excess cash to deposit with the court for months on end. Instead of depositing the full amount themselves, they’ll purchase a bail bond to help. With a bail bond, the family pays a small percentage of the overall bail amount, usually 10 to 15 percent, to the bail bond agent. The agency will, in turn, deposit the full bail amount with the court to secure the defendant’s release.

Will the Funds Be Reimbursed?

When a family member deposits the full bail with the court, they can receive reimbursement once all the defendant’s court obligations have been satisfied. However, if they opt to purchase a bail bond, their bond fee will not be reimbursed. That amount represents the earnings for the bonding agency and the risk they took with the bail. Had the defendant not satisfied their court obligations, the bail bond agency would have lost a significant amount of money. Many families would rather choose to pay a non-reimbursable but smaller amount of money to a bail agent than to deposit a much more considerable amount of money for months on end with the court.

Reputable Bail Bonding Agency in the Burleson Area

Contact Rogers Bail Bonds to speak with bail bonds agents in Burleson, Texas for more information about bail bonds or the bond process.