When You Need a Bail Bond in Hyattsville, MD

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Most people hope to never need to get financial assistance to get out of jail. But if they do, it is good to know about bail bond agencies. Bail bond agencies exist to provide the financial aid a person needs when they have been charged with a crime and will be placed in jail if they can’t come up with the bail. An agency that provides Bail Bond in Hyattsville, MD for defendants wants them to understand the process. Here is a look at the bail bond process in Maryland.

The Bail Bond Process in Maryland

When a person has been arrested and charged with a crime, a judge may offer release upon the person’s own recognizance or the judge may set a bail amount. If the defendant is unable to afford to bail amount, a bail bond agency may be available to help the person get out of jail until the time of the court hearing. The bail bond agency will generally charge the defendant a fee of 10 percent of the full cash bail for the privilege of being released from jail.

More About the Bail Bond Process in Maryland

For bail amounts that are excessively high, the defendant may also be required to come up with collateral for the bail bond agency, such as a house, a boat, or a car. This will be held unto the defendant meets all of the requirements of the court, including attending all scheduled court appearances. Once the case has been disposed of, whether or not the defendant is guilty, the collateral will be released, but the 10 percent fee will be kept.

A Bail Bond Agency in Maryland

Defendants or family members of the defendant will find many bail bond agencies in Maryland. Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency, Inc. is a company that provides services to defendants and their families in the Hyattsville, Maryland area. Anyone in need of a bail bond in Hyattsville, MD can contact the agency. Visit us at website.

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