How Can an Escalator Injuries Attorney in Nassau County, NY Help Clients?

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Lawyers

Escalators are complex pieces of machinery. While they are extremely convenient, they can also be quite dangerous if they malfunction. Most of the time these malfunctions are due to normal wear and tear, but when they are due to negligence, it’s often possible for accident victims to receive compensation for their injuries with the help of an Escalator Injuries Attorney in Nassau County NY.

Proving Liability

As noted above, most escalator malfunctions are not due to negligence and thus property owners are not usually held liable for any accidents or injuries that occur as a result. To make things more complicated, most property owners hire escalator maintenance companies to provide maintenance and repairs. These independent contractors are more often responsible for accidents.

There are several circumstances in which one or more individuals could be held liable for injuries incurred during an escalator accident. These include a failure to provide adequate maintenance or to heed the service and repair recommendations of the escalator’s manufacturer. Should the property owner fail to promptly report any escalator problem to the maintenance company hired to provide repairs and service, he or she can also be held liable for this act of negligence.

Establishing a Case

In order to prove that the problem that caused the injury was brought to the attention of the property owner, an Escalator Injuries Attorney in Nassau County NY may need to locate eyewitnesses who can confirm that the escalator had been malfunctioning and that the owner or operator was aware of it. Paperwork may also need to be gathered regarding what caused the escalator’s malfunction. Collecting the evidence needed to establish a case is work best left to experienced attorneys.

Get Help Now

Those who have been involved in catastrophic escalator accidents should recognize that building owners and maintenance companies often have entire teams of lawyers on their side and should take steps toward ensuring that they receive equally dedicated legal help. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini III have all of the specialized experience they need to help their clients get the compensation they deserve after an escalator injury. Readers can visit the website to learn more about their services or call for a free case evaluation today to get started.

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