Don’t Take Discrimination Sitting Down

by | Sep 24, 2018 | legalgalore

It is illegal to be let go from a job due to religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age, disability, pregnancy or ethnicity. If you believe you have been terminated as a result of discrimination you can’t let the company get away with it. You have legal rights and the best way to go forward is by contacting one of the experienced discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles.

You Work Hard, Nothing Else Matters

If you constantly show up late to work or are bad at your job a company has every right to fire you. If you do your job well but are still let you go and you feel it is because of discrimination then it is against California state law. As a result you have every right to take your employer to court in search of financial restitution. Furthermore, if you feel you are being discriminated against while at a job and you decide to take them to court, it is also illegal for them to fire you for exercising your legal rights. It is these laws that were made in an effort to make sure everyone has the right to go work hard in an environment that is equal amongst all employees.

The Only Way to Stop it Is to Confront It

The main reason people won’t take their current or former employer to court is they are worried about either losing their job or finding employment again afterwards. This means that a victim of discrimination is likely to just live with the unfair treatment in order to keep their income. The problem with this is if no one stops the company from being discriminatory there is no reason for them to stop doing it. The Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes knows how important it is for their clients to work in an environment that is comfortable and does not show bias against anyone for anything other than poor job performance.

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