How to Prepare For a Meeting With an Estate Planning Lawyer in Rockford, IL

by | Sep 22, 2021 | legalgalore

Estate planning can be a lengthy process, especially when one attempts to take care of matters themselves. Although one may not necessarily need a lawyer for estate planning, most people feel more comfortable knowing the process is being handled by a lawyer so everything is carried out legally. One of the most important steps in the estate planning process is the initial meeting. This information will help a person plan for their meeting with the Estate Planning Lawyer Rockford, IL.

Make sure these steps are carried out to ensure a person is ready for their initial meeting:

  • The first step one needs to take is to be prepared to provide their personal information. They will need to make sure they have their driver’s license, social security number, and other personal information so they can provide it to their Estate Planning Lawyer Rockford, IL.
  • A person should be prepared to provide information on the major assets they own and their value. Taking time in gathering information is crucial to ensure a person can provide their lawyer with the necessary financial information they need.
  • If one is covered by life insurance, it is vital they bring their policy information with them so the lawyer can review it and include it in the estate planning process.
  • A person needs to have the full name and complete address of anyone they plan on naming in their will. Having this information will help the lawyer to draft the paperwork correctly.
  • Will planning is an integral part of estate planning. If one plans on specific people being given specific assets, they need to prepare a list of this information so the lawyer will have it.
  • Those with minor children need to decide who they want to be guardians, should they die. It is important to consider this carefully, since the state will decide if guardianship has not been named in the will.

Carefully preparing for the meeting with the Estate Planning Lawyer Rockford, IL will make the first initial meeting much more productive so time is not wasted. If you are in need of legal help with estate planning, call Crosby Law Firm.

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