How to Know You Need an Employment Discrimination Attorney

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Lawyers

Most employees who do not work in a civil service position are known as “employees at will”, which means they are subject to being fired for no reason at all or just about any reason, excepting those reasons that are illegal. All employers are held to certain federal and state laws that govern the firing and hiring of new employees, and there are five circumstances under which you should speak to an employment discrimination attorney. These professionals will offer critical, legal advice and help you to determine whether your case is one that is in violation of state and federal employment laws.

Turned Down

Not every job applicant can be hired by an employer to fill a job, and you are not being discriminated against if an employer chooses another person over you who is more qualified and experienced for the position. However, it could be that you were discriminated against, as well as those passed over for the position, due to illegitimate reasons. A number of civil rights laws exist that prohibit private and public employers from basing hiring decisions off race, national origin, gender, and a number of other reasons.


If you discover your boss performing unethical business tactics or otherwise breaking policy, and you are fired, demoted, or disciplined for exposing that conduct, you should contact an employment discrimination attorney. The professionals found at sites such as Website Domain will allow you to determine if the actions of your employer were outside of the law and thus grounds for such a claim. You are legally protected and allowed to tell law enforcement authorities about accepted bribes, bill inflation, defective products, and any other criminal activities.

Your employment discrimination attorney will ensure you get the compensation you deserve due to the damaging effects of an unfair dismissal, demotion, or punishment. Anything of this nature is outside of the law and will be treated as a serious crime.

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