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Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

Social Security disability insurance is funded by the federal government, it is administered by the SSA; Social Security Administration. In the event a person becomes disabled, mentally or physically, he or she may be eligible for disability benefits. To be declared eligible for benefits under the program, the claimant must have worked long enough to have accumulated enough work credits and suffer from a condition that will make gainful employment impossible for at least one year or be fatal. Studies over the years show that one in four people will claim disability from Social Security in Missouri before they reach the age of retirement.

Qualifications for being granted disability benefits:

   *   The claimant must have a medical condition that is forecast to last at least a year or result in death

   *   The claimant must meet the definition of the disability as published in the SSA Blue Book

   *   The claimant must not yet have reached retirement age

On the surface this looks reasonable, however, statistics indicate different. About two thirds or more of those that claim Social Security in Missouri are denied benefits. When the claimant is advised that his or her application has been denied this is not the end of the process, an appeal can be launched.

There are three stages to an appeal. The first step is to ask the SSA to simply reconsider their original decision. Even though a different official reviews the application, as nothing has changed, rarely is the decision to deny benefits overturned at this stage.

The majority of reversals happen when the applicant and his or her Social Security lawyer are called to a hearing, the hearing takes place in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge. It is during the hearing that the applicant can provide additional medical evidence to prove that he or she is truly disabled and unable to work.

Applying for Social Security in Missouri is not necessarily difficult but getting approved for benefits is. If you have been denied disability benefits you are invited to discuss your situation with the Grundy Disability Group, LLC.