How Does The Law Protect Consumers?

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Lawyers

Consumers have rights, and those rights are protected by law. Consumer protection laws are in place to ensure that providers of goods and services cannot take unfair advantage of a consumer’s lack of information or understanding and if they do, they are held accountable. Consumer rights laws are applicable at the state level as well as the federal level. In the event, a consumer has reason to believe that his or her rights have been violated they can hire a consumer rights attorney in Chicago and sue for compensation.

Types of violations of consumer rights laws:

Although there are many instances where the law is violated, perhaps the most common examples can be found in circumstances where the consumer is most vulnerable. It is not unusual for someone to fall behind on their bills. If the situation reaches the point where the creditor turns the debt over to a collection agency, this is where it can become difficult for the debtor. Collection agents make life more miserable than it is for these people; they call day and night and think nothing of involving the employer or even friends. Consumer rights laws prohibit these kinds of collection activities.

A consumer rights attorney in Chicago is often brought in where an individual has fallen prey to a predatory lending scheme. These schemes will offer short-term financial assistance, but they charge extremely high-interest rates and are notorious for not divulging fees and penalties.

Class action lawsuits:

One of the problems that victims of predatory action face is the relatively small damages suffered. In the event, a consumer buys a product that fails to live up to the promises made chances are the supplier will replace the product only. Under circumstances such as this, it is hardly worth hiring an attorney to pursue additional compensation. In cases like this, the consumer can band together with other consumers with a similar claim and become part of a class action lawsuit.

A consumer rights attorney in Chicago will represent individuals as well as undertake class action on behalf of many that have experienced the same damages. You are invited to contact Zimmerman Law Offices for details.

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