How to Prepare For Your Meeting With the Estate Planning Attorney Nassau County NY

by | Feb 9, 2018 | legalgalore

Estate planning is a vital part of making sure a person’s property and assets will be properly distributed upon their death. Because there are many steps in the process of preparing these legal documents, it is wise for a person to hire an Estate Planning Attorney Nassau County NY. Working with an attorney will help a person ensure their documents are properly prepared and implemented so their final wishes will be carried out as desired.

What Should Be Brought to the Meeting?

At the initial consultation meeting, the individual will need to provide certain pieces of information and documents that will be used by their attorney to draw up all of the important documents. Being prepared for the meeting is important so time is not wasted. The following are the important items a person should plan on bringing to their initial meeting with the Estate Planning Attorney Nassau County NY.

• Recent bank account, investment, and retirement account statements
• Financial statements for business activity
• The deed to the house or other properties
• Prenuptial or marital agreements
• Copies of life insurance policies
• Names and contact information for the person’s doctors
• A list of people that will be named in the estate documents, including their contact information

Contact information on any charities that the person wishes to donate. Click here for more details.

A list of questions the person has

The more information the individual is able to provide their attorney, the better equipped the attorney will be to provide for their client’s estate planning needs. Estate planning involves the following key components.

Will – The will names how the individual wants their property distributed upon their death.

Advance directive – This document provides information on the named power of attorney, the health care proxy, and a living will which all name the person’s wishes for important health care decisions if they become incapacitated.

Trusts – Trusts can be set up to prepare for the care of minor children or children who are disabled.

Call Today to Get Started

To discover how an Estate Planning Attorney can help with estate planning, contact Business name in Nassau County NY. They will be happy to help you through the entire process so your legal documents can be properly prepared.

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