Reasons Why Hiring an Injury Lawyer in Fort Collins Can Be So Important

by | Feb 14, 2018 | legalgalore

Like most states, Colorado requires that fault is proved in a vehicle accident before an insurance company is expected to pay an injury claim. The exception is when a policyholder includes personal injury protection, in which case the policy will pay out even if someone else caused the collision. An injury lawyer in Fort Collins may be necessary to negotiate with an insurer when the injured person believes another driver was responsible but the situation has been legally unclear.

Legal Expertise

Especially when someone is healing from serious injuries, dealing with an uncooperative insurance company can feel overwhelming. The person doesn’t know how aggressive to be and probably is unsure just how much compensation they deserve. An injury lawyer in Fort Collins understands these aspects and has access to case histories of similar situations.

Even when an individual tries to do research online, conflicting information can cause confusion. For example, the person may read an article stating that Colorado is a no-fault state in regard to car accidents, in which case their own insurance policy should pay. However, that law was changed several years ago in an effort to decrease the costs of automotive insurance for policyholders and to prevent fraud.

Paying the Attorney

The person may worry about not having any funds to pay a lawyer, particularly if savings have been depleted and bills are piling up. Attorneys with a firm such as Burton & Burton usually work on a contingency basis, only accepting payment after the insurance company sends compensation to the client. The lawyer accepts a percentage of the amount acquired for the client, as agreed upon during initial discussions.

If no settlement is acquired, the client does not have to pay. However, injury lawyers typically only accept cases they believe they can win as, otherwise, they might invest a great deal of time for nothing.


The compensation demanded by the lawyer will cover all relevant factors to include previous and future medical bills, lost income, and property damage. Ongoing therapy recommended by the doctors should also be covered, including physical therapy and any complementary care like chiropractic treatment.

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