Reviewing Options For A Jail Bond In Dekalb County

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Legal Services

In Georgia, defendants who are arrested retain the legal right to post bond for their release. There are certain rules; however, that pertain to these rules and regulations. First, the judge must provide a bail amount. If they are denied bail, the defendant must remain in custody until their trial. The following are options for individuals who are assigned bail and need a Jail Bond in Dekalb County.

What is Required When Paying for a Cash Bond?

A cash bond isn’t the same as a surety bond. The individual who is representing the defendant or the defendant themselves must provide the full cash price for the bond. In most cases, there are additional fees associated with these bonds. They are typically the bondman’s fees and must be paid before the bond is issued.

What is the Exact Value of the Cash Bond?

The full cash value is provided through the single payment method. The defendant or representative cannot use cash in additional to other forms of collateral to secure the bond. They must provide any additional charges when they secure the bond. They won’t get any discounts for the cash bond.

What if the Cash Bond isn’t Affordable?

If the defendant or their representative doesn’t have enough cash for the bond, they can seek an alternative option. A surety bond allows them to pay a certain percentage of the bond value. This is typically no more than 14% of the total bail value.

What Can Be Used to Secure a Surety Bond?

The representative or the defendant can use a savings account balance, real estate property, jewelry, and other appraised items. They must provide proof of ownership and provide a deed or title for certain items. The items, title, or deed are returned to the representative when the case concludes.

In Georgia, defendants must follow all requirements as directed by the judge. This includes appearing in court on time at their scheduled trial date. They must also follow any additional directions provided by the court upon their release. Defendants who need to acquire a Jail Bond in Dekalb County Contact Free At Last Bail Bonds for more information today.

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