The Importance of Finding Experienced and Adequate DWI Lawyers in Plainfield, NJ

by | Jul 28, 2016 | DWI Lawyer

A DWI charge in Plainfield, NJ is a serious matter that needs to be handled by an experienced attorney. Individuals that are facing DWI charges need to find adequate representation from qualified Dwi Lawyers Plainfield NJ. Whether for oneself or a loved one, it is crucial to find out the penalties and fees one faces if found guilty of DWI charges. People often feel that they can appear before the judge alone without representation in these matters. However, this simply is not the best thing to do when facing such serious charges. In these matters, it is best for individuals to understand what is at stake. Dwi Lawyers Plainfield NJ will go over charges and possible outcomes with their clients to ensure they understand the situation thoroughly.

The penalties for being found guilty of DWI in NJ can be quite severe and should be taken very seriously. For the first offense of being found guilty of DWI is 30 days in jail, fines of $250 to $500, and suspended license from 3 months to a year. This is only for the first offense of DWI. Those facing a 2nd DWI offense may obtain up to 90 days in jail, $500 to $1000 in fines, and 2 years without their driver’s license. Of course, a 3rd offense would bring individuals even harsher punishment.

The 3rd offense of DWI can bring those that are found guilty up to 180 days in jail, $1000 in fines, and a suspended license for 10 years. All offenses also face the possibility of the judge requiring them to have an IID or Ignition Interlock Device installed in their vehicle. This device requires the driver to blow into the device to ensure their blood alcohol level is not over the legal limit before the car will start. DWI Lawyers in Plainfield NJ successfully fights these cases often and on their client’s behalf to work toward finding the best solution for their client.

It can be frightening facing such serious charges and penalties, especially for those that have never been in legal trouble. Having an experienced attorney speaking on one’s behalf is the best way to face the judge in these matters. Those that need their license and actually drive for a living are even more urged to seek professional counsel before facing a judge. For more information please call or visit Harrell Smith & Williiams LLC in Plainfield NJ.

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