Tips on How to Proceed With a Medical Malpractice Case in Texas

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Lawyers

You trust your doctor to provide you with proper medical guidance and treatment. While most doctors live up to their duties, mistakes happen. If you suffered as a result of your doctor’s care, you may qualify for compensation. Learn more about filing a medical malpractice case in Texas.

Common medical malpractice cases

It’s your doctor’s job to diagnose conditions and find the direct cause of your health problems. Certain conditions may be more difficult to diagnose than others. A misdiagnosis can leave conditions untreated or prescribe you unnecessary medications. If your doctor failed to consider certain symptoms or your response to past treatments, they were negligent.

Your doctor may also inadvertently cause damage to you if they make a mistake during treatment. Your doctor has a responsibility to make you aware of anything that went wrong during a procedure within 24 hours.

Proving your case

You will need to prove the damages caused to you and prove that the damages occurred as a direct result of your doctor’s negligence. Your medical records are a good place to start. You may choose to get examined by a third-party medical professional if you don’t feel like your doctor will provide an accurate medical statement.

Schedule a consultation with medical malpractice lawyers in Texas.

Medical malpractice lawyers in Texas are available to analyze your case and provide you with legal advice. If your lawyer believes that you have a strong case, they will take you on as a client. Schedule a consultation with Van Wey, Metzler & Williams today.

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