Under Suspicion of Burglary? Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney before Speaking to the Police

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Criminal Lawyer

Often a Criminal Defense Attorney in Jacksonville FL is hired when the police start questioning a possible suspect. This prevents that person from providing the police with self-incriminating evidence which could lead to a wrongful arrest.

For example, A suspect may have been stealing items out of homes in a neighborhood for months. Then a witness may report seeing a person, whose description matches the suspect, leaving a home with a large screen television and placing it in their car one night. The police then check their database for that car only to find that a convicted burglar owns the same make and model vehicle.

The police would then contact this person stating they want to ask him a few questions. This person can tell them that he would like his lawyer present when they meet at the police station. A Criminal Defense Attorney in Jacksonville FL will never ask his client to lie, but he won’t let them incriminate themselves either. The attorney may recommend not to answer certain questions.

The police admit they had a witness say they saw that person and their car. However, the attorney can counter with the fact that there are many people who drive the same make and model car. Witnesses are often wrong when they identify people and cars as it is difficult for people to see details at night.

Based on this limited evidence the lawyer tells his client that he should not answer any additional questions. The police do not have enough evidence to charge them, so they let them go. Since there is no forensic evidence linking them to the burglary that has been occurring. The police must let that person go. Harris Guidi Rosner, P.A is a firm in Jacksonville FL that defends people charged with crimes and are under investigation. To know more, visit https://harrisguidi.com/

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