Understand Supplementary Security Income Law in New Bedford, MA and Get Your Claim Approved

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Lawyer

Supplemental Security Income is a safety net for people who haven’t been able to work much, or at all, due to their disability. It is available to children and adults who qualify under the program rules but for some people, getting the benefits they’re entitled to is challenging. The process starts by filling out an application and submitting the requested doctors’ statements or contact information for the Social Security Administration to request what they need to make a determination. Unfortunately, even though the application is designed to be simple enough for the average person to complete, many people are denied due to problems with the form.

Many people who need SSI hire a lawyer who focuses on supplementary Security Income law in New Bedford, MA after their initial claim has been denied, but they might save themselves a lot of time and frustration by consulting with an attorney prior to submitting the paperwork. By having an experienced lawyer look over the documents and even help by explaining the questions and guiding a disabled person as they acquire the requested information, an applicant might be able to avoid having their application denied at all.

Supplementary Security Income law in New Bedford, MA is quite complex and many people give up before they ever receive a payment. This is unfortunate because these people often have no other way to support themselves. Without a source of income, these people are certain to live their lives in poverty. Some may attempt to get jobs but because of their physical or mental impairment, they are unable to maintain steady employment to support their families.

By working with an attorney from the beginning or even after an initial claim was denied, a disabled person or their caretaker can ensure their rights are protected. An attorney could explain the process in a way their client can understand so they know how to answer the questions posed to them by the Social Security Administration. The application process doesn’t have to be difficult and people who are having trouble can contact us if they need assistance. Having SSI to depend on can make life a lot easier for a disabled adult or child.

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