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Victims Need the Help of a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney in Gonzales LA

When a person becomes the victim of a serious motor vehicle accident, they will never forget the crash. Some individuals find it difficult to get back on the road after a serious accident because they have suffered such emotional trauma. Injured victims can find the advocacy they need when they hire a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney in Gonzales LA.

How Do Attorneys Help Victims?

Hiring an attorney allows a victim to have an advocate working on their side. This is crucial for ensuring their rights will be protected as they pursue compensation for their injuries and damages. Attorneys provide the following for their clients:

  • Guidance on making important decisions in the process
  • Understanding the value of their claim and how much they should settle for
  • Understanding the laws that pertain to their particular case
  • Investigative services to help gather evidence for a trial
  • Legal representation for dealing with the insurance company
  • Legal representation for pursuing a lawsuit

Victims Should Not Have to Deal With the Insurance Company Alone

Pursuing the insurance company can be stressful for an injured victim. When a person hires a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney in Gonzales LA, the attorney takes over negotiations with the insurance company. This is vital for ensuring the victim does not get taken advantage of by the unscrupulous insurance adjuster.

If the insurance adjuster refuses to offer a fair settlement for the victim, the attorney will help their client decide on whether or not to pursue a lawsuit. Although most injury claims are settled outside of court, some cases must end up being heard before a judge or jury.

According to Lousiana’s Civ. Code §3492, victims have only one year from the date of their accident to file a lawsuit. This means a victim needs to consult with an attorney as soon as possible after they are injured so they can avoid delays that would prevent them from being able to pursue a lawsuit within the confines of the statute.

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