What Defenses Are Used by Montgomery County Criminal Lawyers

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Lawyers

In Pennsylvania, defense attorneys use specific legal defenses to prevent a conviction. These defenses are based on the circumstances produced when the crime was committed. However, select defendants could find a legal defense based on their mental capacity or age. Montgomery County criminal lawyers identify these circumstances that could prevent a conviction.

Identifying an Alibi

An alibi is established by a credible witness stating that the defendant was with them during the crime. However, with technological advancements, it is possible to establish an alibi without a physical witness. Time stamps generated by surveillance camera systems or credit card receipts could produce an alibi. Through these opportunities, the defendant could show without a doubt that they have an alibi and couldn’t have committed the crime.

Claiming Self Defense

Self-defense indicates that the victim intended to inflict bodily harm against the defendant. It also indicates that the defendant acted with the assumption that their lives were in danger. In murder cases, when it is possible to prove self-defense, the defendant isn’t guilty due to this fear of life-threatening circumstances.

In proving this defense, the defendant should have wounds or injuries indicating a struggle. These injuries could be conclusive with the series of events leading up to the fatality. Any existing charges against the victim associated with intended harm against the defendant could substantiate their claim.

Is the Defendant Insane?

A psychiatrist is needed to determine a defendant’s mental state. These doctors must evaluate the defendant to determine if they possessed the mental capacity to commit the crime. Another defense involved with mental capacity identifies an inability to understand the crime. If a defendant lacks the mental capacity to understand right and wrong, this could provide evidence of an altered mental state.

Pennsylvania defendants need a clear defense when facing criminal charges. Their attorney must identify an appropriate defense based on the crime identified by the state. These defenses are based on the circumstances of the crime and could identify a threat by the victim and their purpose is to introduce reasonable doubt. Defendants who need to build a defense should hire Montgomery County criminal lawyers by visiting website today.

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