Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Cambridge, MD When You Arere on the Wrong Side of the Bars

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Lawyers

Many individuals do not start their day thinking or believing that by the end of the day they will be behind bars. A criminal charge could be a DUI, domestic violence, assault, drug charges, theft or any other misdemeanor or felony. Felony crimes usually result in stiffer penalties than misdemeanors. If a crime is a misdemeanor or a felony, they will both remain on someone’s criminal record if a conviction occurs. For some employment opportunities a felony conviction could result in termination of the individual’s employment. Anyone that has been arrested should immediately contact a criminal lawyer in Cambridge, MDLawyer in Cambridge MD.

Ocean City is a wonderful place for enjoyment of the sun and the beach. Students and military members visiting in the area could be arrested for underage drinking or cigarette violation, so a strong legal defense is necessary. If someone travels to Maryland to avoid a bench warrant and is arrested, Maryland will extradite them back to the state of the original warrant. Someone that has a warrant from another state could be held in jail for up to 30 days in Maryland awaiting extradition. Consulting with a criminal lawyer in Cambridge, MD about your case for the warrant and the new criminal charges should be done quickly. Missing court deadlines for one case when in another state for a different case could result in a bench warrant being issued for the failure to appear in Maryland.

A lawyer will fight for a bond hearing and reasonable bond after an arrest. A criminal lawyer will keep the client up to date on the events of the case and about any potential plea deals or negotiations. Hiring someone that is familiar with the local court system and with the experience needed to fight criminal charges is incredibly important. Avoiding the possibility of jail and remaining free as long as possible is the goal of the lawyer; also, t They will help individuals charged with DUI to reclaim their vehicles in a timely fashion. Another charge that is common in Maryland is hand guns arrests. Maryland does not recognize any other states carry permits, so i If someone is arrested with a loaded handgun even with a valid permit from another state, it will still be a violation of the Maryland law. For more information on a lawyer to protect your interests, please check into Domain.

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