What to Expect After Calling a Bail Bond Agency

by | Feb 6, 2016 | Bail Bonds Service

No one is crazy about the idea of being arrested and spending the night in jail. However, should such an event arise, it pays to contact a professional at a local Bail Bond Agency and see what can be done. Here are some of the things that the professional will do to ensure the client is able to go home and begin making preparations for that upcoming day in court.

Attending the Hearing

Shortly after the arrest, a hearing will take place. The purpose of the hearing is not to determine guilt or innocence, but to determine if there are grounds for letting the arrest stand. Depending on the circumstances, there is often an opportunity to set a bail amount. The professional with the Bail Bond Agency will be present at the hearing and prepared to post the bond amount required by the court. Once the financial arrangements are completed, the processing necessary to release the client will get underway. Depending on what procedures must be followed, this can take anywhere from a half-hour to several hours.

Keeping Tabs on the Client

While the bonding professional will not follow the client around, expect a phone call to remind the individual of the upcoming court date. This is important since the bonding company has, essentially, entered into a covenant with the court that the client will be there on the appointed date and time. Failure to appear means trouble for the client, but it also means problems for the bonding agency. Unless the client does come to court, the agency will be expected to pay the entire bond amount, not just the percentage pledged originally.

Finding an Errant Client

Jumping bail is the term used for any client who does not show up for the court date. While the police will be on the lookout for the individual, the bonding agency will also take steps to locate the individual and escort the client to the nearest police station. The client can expect that making bail a second time after failing to appear will be harder to arrange.

For anyone who is facing the possibility of arrest, now is the time to call a professional bonding company. We are professionals, with years of experience with helping clients be free until their court dates, rest assured that a bail bond agency in Bristol CT will make it possible to avoid a night in jail and be free to begin preparing a defense.

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