Who Is Eligible to Receive Workers’ Comp in Philadelphia?

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Lawyers

Workers’ comp in Philadelphia is a benefit that many people have heard of but don’t know much about. The benefits quickly take center stage when an individual is no longer able to work due to illness or injury. Before assuming this type of benefit does apply, it helps to understand who is eligible to receive workers’ comp. Here are three key factors that will determine if this type of compensation is possible.

Employment Status

Workers’ comp in Philadelphia is connected with employment status. Simply put, the individual who is seeking the benefits must have been gainfully employed at the time the injury occurred or be in a position to confirm the illness was caused by factors in the workplace in prior years. People who have never been employed by a specific company but do sustain an injury or illness due to the actions of that company may seek other means of securing some type of compensation.

Confirmation That the Condition Is Work Related

There must be a direct connection between the tasks performed by an employee, or something about the setting in which those tasks were performed, and the health issue. Unless that connection can be established, the ability to claim these types of benefits are not present. For example, if it can be determined the health issue is due to something in the work environment, the individual would have a case.

The Employer’s Status

While many types of business operations are legally required to carry this type of insurance, others are under no such obligation. The best place to begin is determining if the employer does have this legal obligation. Even if the owner is supposed to maintain the coverage but fails to do so, there are ways that an attorney can manage to secure some type of compensation for the client.

If the health issue at hand is directly related to the workplace, today is the day to visit Website Domain and arrange to speak with an attorney. Provide as much information as possible during that initial visit. Choosing to secure legal counsel will improve the odds of securing the benefits in a timely manner.

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