Reviewing the Requirements for a Divorce with a Family Law Lawyer in Tacoma, WA

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In Washington, divorce petitioners need an overall understanding of these proceedings. State laws may impose certain requirements and limitations, which could lead to difficulties if they aren’t managed appropriately. A family law lawyer in Tacoma, WA provides clarity and assistance with all applicable laws.

What Are the Divorce Grounds?

The state of Washington doesn’t allow the use of any fault-based divorce grounds. The state allows irretrievable breakdown only, which eliminates the need to prove fault due to adultery, desertion, or domestic violence. However, in cases in which a protection order is necessary, the court may require arrest records for the defendant.

Are There Residency Requirements?

The state of Washington requires all divorce petitioners to establish residency. The court cannot take jurisdiction over the case unless at least one party is a resident of the state of Washington. The residency requirement indicates that this party must live inside the state for at least one year. They must live inside the county for at least thirty days before filing the divorce petition.

Is There a Waiting Period?

There is a ninety-day waiting period before the divorce is finalized. This period begins on the date in which the divorce motion was filed with the court. The defendant must sign the divorce documents and file them first. However, a default action can be filed if the defendant fails to answer the divorce motion after the first sixty days.

What Happens If the Parties Can’t Agree?

If the parties cannot agree, mediation is a possibility. Both parties must appear at mediation with their respective legal counsel to discuss all terms of the divorce agreement until they find a clear solution. These terms apply to property division and child custody primarily. However, debts accumulated during the marriage are also addressed.

In Washington, divorce petitioners need clear answers about these proceedings. Washington state divorce laws are based on a no-fault system, which implies that the petitioner is limited to irretrievable breakdown as the divorce grounds. They must also fulfill the residency requirements before filing. Divorce petitioners who need assistance should contact a family law lawyer in Tacoma, WA by visiting for more information today.

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