Initiating a Product’s Liability Case with an Accident Lawyer in Henderson, Nevada

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Auto Accident Attorney

In Nevada, as in other states, consumers have the right to hold manufacturers to a high standard. These manufacturers must provide safe products. A failure to provide these safe products could produce injuries that result in life-long issues. An accident lawyer in Henderson, Nevada helps victims who were injured while using these products.

The Initial Report for the Product

The initial report is often filed with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. The consumer must acquire legal representation even if they filed this report so they can prepare for a legal claim against the manufacturer. The findings of the Consumer Rights Protection Agency could determine if a thorough investigation is needed to define the point of origin for the flaw or risk.

A Full Assessment of the Product Design

The agency performs a full assessment when the product is deemed dangerous. They investigate the steps used to produce the item as well as the designs. They determine when the flaw started and how the manufacturer mitigated risks associated with this flaw. Previous knowledge of the flaw or risk could deem the manufacturer liable. If they failed to warn consumers, they are in violation of federal consumer rights laws.

Reviewing the Victim’s Injuries

The victim’s medical records should show a link to the product itself. Forensic testing may be used to determine all probable injuries when consumers use it. This could provide the consumers with further support when they seek compensation. It could also help more victims to come forward and report their injuries.

The Impact of Product Recalls

A product recall is issued for all dangerous products to allow the agency to order the manufacture to reduce risks. This could equate to repairs for the product or a refund for any consumers that purchased the product. It could also require them to pay damages for injuries.

In Nevada, consumers have the right to enforce their consumer rights when they sustain injuries. Under federal laws, the manufacturers are required to provide safe products for all consumers. When risks emerge, the manufacturer could be deemed liable.

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