Experienced Family Law Lawyers in Temecula Help Clients Save Money

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Lawyers

Family law cases are some of the most expensive legal proceedings today. Spouses who are unable to reach settlements without litigation sometimes spend tens of thousands of dollars to end their marriages. Some people do this because they don’t realize there’s an easier and less expensive way to get divorced. Others spend too much time and money to end their marriage because they simply won’t concede anything to their spouse. In the end, these people rarely get what they want. The only result is a lot of legal fees.

The best place to start is with Family Law Lawyers in Temecula who understand how to help their clients negotiate with their former spouses so they can resolve their marriage without litigation. Because both spouses typically have property they would like to retain after the divorce; negotiation is a more effective way for each spouse to get more of what they want than taking their case to trial. When a divorce case is decided by a judge, it’s unlikely the judge will consider which spouse is more attached to the dining room table or even the power tools in the garage. With the help of the Law Office of Michelle Penna, a spouse may be much happier with the result.

Family Law Lawyers in Temecula who are compassionate and focus on their clients’ needs work hard to keep their client’s out of the courtroom. They work with the opposing attorney to resolve major as well as minor issues. This can include child custody as well as the division of household items such as furniture and artwork. These meetings don’t have to be contentious, but both spouses must be willing to come together to do what is best. Lawyers advocate for their clients and ensure they don’t give their rights away due to bullying or intimidation.

Any spouse who wants to end their marriage can browse the website to learn more about how they can save time as well as money on their divorce. It’s important to learn the rights a divorcing spouse has and what they might be entitled to prior to entering any negotiations. Working with an experienced lawyer could make this experience less stressful.

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